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ISAH – Symposiums

In-Between Symposia

At the IInd Congress in Zagreb the Executive Board initiated the organization of special seminars in the time between congresses. The following "in-between seminars" were held:

  • 2004, 11-13 October, Saint - Malo, France
    Animal production in Europe : The way forward in a changing world "in-between" congress of the International Society for Animal Hygiene
    Organizer: Francois Madec
  • 2002, 7-11 July, Australia
    ASAP/ ISAH Conference and Executive Board meeting, Adelaide, Australia
    Organizer: Thomas Banhazi
  • 1999, 22-25 April, Postojna, Slovenia
    Environmental Protection and Animal Welfare. Postojna, Slovenia
    Organizer: Marko Amon
  • 1996, 6-7 November, Varna, Bulgaria
    International Scietific Conference, Varna , Bulgaria
    Organizer: Andrei Kozarov
  • 1996, 28 -31 October, Mexico City, Mexico
    "Demands on Animal Hygiene Education and Research" Mexico City , Mexico
    Organizer: J. Saltieral O.
  • 1996, 21 - 24 May, Kosice, Slovakia
    "Ecology and Veterinary Medicine" Kosice, Slovakia ,
    Organizer: Jan Venglovsky
  • 1995, October- Budapest, Hungary
    Symposium of the International Society for Animal Hygiene, Budapest , Hungary
    Organizer: Pal Rafai
  • 1994, Marz- Hannover, Germany-West
    Hygiene and animal welfare during transportation.
    Organizer: Prof. Dr. J. Hartung.
    This conference continues with the tradition of "in-between-seminars" and is held under the ISAH heading. It concentrates on topical problems of environmental protection in relation to veterinary medicine, animal hygiene, hygiene and epidemiology.
  • 1990, 18 - 19 September - Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Germany-West
    Actual problems of disinfection of animal houses, of farm-yard manure and slurry.
    Organizer Prof. Dr. D. Strauch
  • 1987, Jun - Krakow , Poland
    Microphysical problems in biology and animal hygiene.
    Organizer Prof. Dr. T. Janowski
  • 1984, August- Hannover, Germany-West
    Dust in animal houses.
    Organizer Prof. Dr.H.G. Hilliger
  • 1980, 13 September - Vienna, Austria
    Bacteriology, mycology and mycotoxicology of animal feeds.
    Organizer Prof. Dr. H. Willinger
  • 1978, 21 - 22 September - Altmünste, Austria
    Hygiene of the disposal of animal carcasses, slaughterhouse offal and food wastes (animal rendering).
    Organizer Prof. Dr. H. Willinger
  • 1977, 5-7 September - Krakow, Poland
    Methods and results of hygienic investigations of air in animal stables.
    Organizer Prof. Dr. T. Janowski

The interest in this conference is indicated by the number of submitted papers and participants, also d from abroad. Thanks to the sponsors it includes also social events which can contribute to establishment of new and strengthening of existing contacts.

In conclusion, we can express our hope that this conference will meet even with greater success than the two previous ones and by its contents and atmosphere will be entered in a list of successful in-between-seminars of the International Society for Animal Hygiene.