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ISAH – Country representatives (EEB)

Country representatives (EEB) forms of ISAH:


ISAH Country Representatives
(Confirmed at the General Assembly of the XVIII ISAH Congress in Mazatlán on March 22, 2017)

Country Name E-mail
Albania Xhelil Koleci
Algeria Nadir Alloui
Surname and firstname: Alloui Nadir
Institution: Batna University
Department: Veterinary
Homepage of Institution: www.univ-batna.dz
Tel: +213 71 813647
Fax: +213 33 81 86 74
Street: Hadj-Lakhdar
ZIP: 05000
City: Batna
Country: Algeria
Profile Specialities: Animal hygiene
Profile Generalities: Veterinary medecine/ Animal sciences
Keywords: Animal hygiene, biosecurity,environment,prophylaxis
Typical publications: International publications and proceedings
ALLOUI N., NOUICER F., AYACHI A. - Perinatal losses in sheep breeding in Algeria. Xth International. Congress on Animal Hygiene, Maastricht ,2-6, 07,2000
ALLOUI N. - Pathological survey on the camel in Algeria. Annales UMCS, Sec.DD, LV/A, Poland, 2000
ALLOUI N., AYACHI A., TLIDJANE M.-Effet de l optimisation en ete de quelques parametres de l ambiance des poulaillers sur les resultats zootechniques. 4eme Journees de la Recherche Avicole. Nantes, 27-29 mars 2001.
ALLOUI O., ZEMMOURI F., ALLOUI N., TLIDJANE M. ?Effet du traitement enzymatique de l?orge sur les performances zootechniques du poulet de chair. 4eme Journ?es de la Recherche Avicole. Nantes, 27-29 mars 2001
ALLOUI O., ZEMMOURI F., ALLOUI N., TLIDJANE M. - Effect of enzyme addition on the nutritional value of barley based diet in broilers chicks. British poultry Sciences, Vol., 42, 44-45, 2001
ALLOUI N. - Human relationships in the developing countries. Workshop Proceedings in Teaching Animal Bioethics in Agricultural an Veterinary Higher Education in Europe. INPL- Nancy, 23-24/05/2002
ALLOUI N. - Hygiene and animal health in Algeria. International Society for Animal Hygiene. Newsletter, 2002, 7, 2-3
ALLOUI N., LOMBARKIA-ALLOUI O., KOLBUSZEWSKI T., Mycoflore de l?environnement des poulaillers de la r?gion de Batna. World Veterinary Congress, Tunis, 25-29/11/ 2002
ALLOUI N., BOUCHERIT M.R., NOUICER F. Effect of flumethrine on Varroa destructor in honeybee colonies. Bull. Vet. Inst. Pulawy, 2002, Vol.46, N?2, 233-237
ALLOUI N., NOUICER F., TLIDJANE M., AYACHI A. -Etude comparative des pertes p?rinatales entre troupeau ovin s?dentaire et transhumant . 9 eme Journ?es 3R, Paris, 2002
ALLOUI N., TLIDJENE M, ALLOUI-LOMBARKIA O, ZEGHINA D. Effect of the hygienic status of poultry houses on performance and production. . British poultry Sciences, 2003, vol. 44, 5, 771-772-801
ALLOUI N., ROKICKI E. ALLOUI-LOMBARKIA O., NOUICER F. Sanitary hygiene evaluation in poultry houses. XI th International Congress on Animal Hygiene, 691-695, Mexico, 2003
ALLOUI-LOMBARKIA O., ZEMMOURI F., SMULIKOWSKKA S., ALLOUI N. Effet in vitro des enzymes sur la viscosit? et les polysaccharides non amylac?s de l?orge. 5eme Journ?es de la Recherche Avicole. Tours, 26-27/03/ 2003.
ALLOUI N., AYACHI A., ALLOUI-LOMBARKIA O., ZEGHINA D - Evaluation de l?effet du statut hygi?nique des poulaillers sur les performances zootechniques. 5eme Journ?es de la Recherche Avicole. Tours, 26-27/03/ 2003
ALLOUI-LOMBARKIA O., ZEMMOURI F., SMULIKOWSKKA S., ALLOUI N. In vitro effects of enzymes on the viscosity and non-starch polysaccharides of barley. British poultry Sciences, 2003, vol. 44, 5, 800-801
ALLOUI N., KOLBUSZEWSKI T., ROKICKI E., NOUICER F-Fungal pollution in poultry houses environment of Batna region. International Congress ISAH, Animal production in Europe. St. Malo, vol., 1, 293; 2004
M. TLIDJANE, N. ALLOUI, K. DEGHNOUCHE, O. ALLOUI- Cas de c?tose subclinique en Alg?rie. 11 eme Journ?es 3R, Paris, 2004
ALLOUI N., AYACHI A., KRIM A., NOUICER F-Comparison of two control methods of disinfection in a poultry slaughterhouse. XII International Congress ISAH, Warsaw, vol., 2; 56-59, 2005
SELLAOUI S., ALLOUI N., DJAABA S-Etude morphom?trique et anatomopathologique de la bourse de Fabricius du poulet de chair. 6eme Journ?es de la Recherche Avicole. St Malo, 433-437, 2005.
CHAFAI S., ALLOUI N., IBRIR F- Bacterial probiotic additive and its impact of broiler chickens health and performance. XIII International Congress ISAH, Tartu, Estonia, 820-825, 2007
TLIDJANE M., ROUABAH Z., ALLOUI N., SAFSAF B-Identification des corps ?trangers dans les p?turages et leurs impacts sur la sant? des bovins . 14 eme Journ?es 3R, Paris, 2007
ALLOUI M.N., AYACHI A., ALLOUI N., TLIDJANE M., KABA J. -Prevalence de la maladie des abc?s des petits ruminants dans la r?gion de Batna (Alg?rie). 15 eme Journ?es 3R, Paris, 2008
ALLOUI N., F. IBRIR, AYACHI A., M.N. ALLOUI-Biosecurity practices in the East Algerian poultry farms. 1th Mediterranean summit of WPSA. Porto-Carras , Greece, 198-202, 2008
AYACHI A., ALLOUI N., BENNOUNE O.-Bacteriological detection of salmonella associated with egg and meat production in the Batna poultry industry. 1th Mediterranean summit of WPSA. Porto-Carras , Greece, 203-207, 2008
Argentina Gisela Marcoppido
Surname and firstname: MARCOPPIDO Gisela
Country: Argentina

Australia Thomas Banhazi
Surname and firstname: Thomas Banhazi
Country: Australia 
Austria Hermann Schobesberger
Surname and firstname: SCHOBESBERGER Hermann
Institution: University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
Department: Institute for Veterinary Public Health
Street: Veterinarplatz 1, A-
ZIP: 1210
City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Belgium Jan Paeshuyse
Surname and firstname: Paeshuyse Jan
Country: Belgium
Bolivia Erica Alandia Robles
Surname and firstname: Robles Erica Alandia
Institution: WCS-Bolivia
Department: Field Veterinary Program
Homepage of Institution: www.wcs.org
Tel: 591-71530302
Fax: 591-2-2786642
Street: Casilla 3-35181 S.M.
City: La Paz
Country: Bolivia
Profile Specialities: Training of Community-Based Animal Health Workers. Use of participatory approaches on animal sciences
Profile Generalities: Currently I am working at the "One World-One Health" Program as part of the Field Vet Program in Bolivia. Our goal is to train people at the tacana indigenous communities (located in the low landsof Bolivia, boarding the Madidi Natural Park) in order to improve the human/livestock/wildlife health through improving the animal health situation and the husbandry conditions by transmiting applicable knowledge to the local people and by adapting husbandry technics.
Keywords: veterinary, participatory approaches, animal health, indigenous communities, wildlife conservation
Typical publications: Animal Health Management in a llama breeding project in Ayopaya, Bolivia. Parasitological survey.
Brazil Helio Langoni
Surname and firstname: LANGONI Helio
Country: Brazil
Bulgaria Bayko Baykov
Surname and firstname: Baykov Bayko
Institution: New Bulgarian University
Department: Science Research Institute of Ecology and Sustaina
Street: 21 Montevideo Str
ZIP: 1618
City: Sofia
Country: Bulgaria
Cameroon Julius Awah Ndukum
Surname and firstname: NDUKUM Julius Awah
Country: Cameroon
Canada Trevor Smith
Surname and firstname: SMITH Trevor
Institution: University of Guelph
Department: Animal and Poultry Science
Homepage of Institution: uoguelph.ca
Tel: +1 519 284 4120 Ext.
Fax: +1 519 833 7897
ZIP: N1G 2W1
City: Guelph
Country: Canada
Keywords: Mycotoxins, Biogenic amines
Typical publications: Korosteleva, S.N., Smith, T.K. and Boermans, H.J. 2009. Effects of feed naturally contaminated with Fusarium mycotoxins on metabolism and immunity of dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci. 92: 1585 - 1593.
Girgis, G.N., Sharif, S., Barta, J.R., Bermans, H.J. and Smith, T.K. 2008. Immunomodulatory effects of feed-borne Fusarium mycotoxins in chickens infected with coccidia. Exp. Biol. Bed. 233: 1411 - 1420.
Girish, C.K., MacDonald, E.J., Scheinin, M. and Smith, T.K. 2008. Effects of feedborne Fusarium mycotoxins on brain regional neurochemistry of turkeys. Poult. Sci. 87: 1295 - 1302.
Girish, C.K. and Smith, T.K. 2008. Impact of feed-borne mycotoxins on avian cell-mediated and humoral immune responses. World Mycotoxin J. 1: 105 - 121.
Leung, M.C.K., Smith, T.K., Karrow, N.A. and Boermans, H.J. 2007. Effects of foodborne Fusarium mycotoxins with and without a polymeric glucomannan mycotoxin adsorbent on food intake and nutritient digestibility, body weight, and physical and clinicopathologic variables of mature dogs. Am. J. Vet. Res. 68: 1122 - 1129.
Diaz-Llano, G. and Smith, T.K. 2007. The effects of feeding grains naturally contaminated with Fusarium mycotoxins with and without a polymeric glucomannan adsorbent on lactation, serum chemistry, and reproductive performance after weaning of first-parity lactating sows. J. Anim. Sci. 85: 1412 - 1423.
Leung, M.C.K., Diaz-Llano, G. and Smith, T.K. 2006. Mycotoxins in pet food: A review on worldwide prevalence and preventative strategies. J. Agric. Food Chem. 54: 9623 - 9635.
Chile Uriel Rodriguez-Estrada
Surname and firstname: Rodriguez-Estrada Uriel
Country: Chile
China (Main Land) Endong Bao
Surname and firstname: BAO Endong
Institution: Nanjing Agricultural University
ZIP: 210095
City: Nanjing
Country: China
China  (Hong-Kong) Thomas Sit
Surname and firstname: Sit Thomas
Institution: Food and Environment Hygiene Department
Department: Queensway Government Offices
City: 43/F, 66 Queensway
Country: China (Hong-Kong)
Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) Hsiang-Jung Tsai
Croatia Mario Ostović
Surname and firstname: OSTOVIC Mario
Country: Croatia
Czech Rep Pavel Novak
Surname and firstname: Novak Pavel
Institution: Univ. of Vet. and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Street: Palach�ho 1-3
ZIP: 612 42
City: Brno
Country: Czech Republic
Denmark Charlotte Sonne-Kristensen
Surname and firstname: SONNE-KRISTENSEN Charlotte
Country: Denmark
Egypt Abdel Reheem Mottelib
Surname and firstname: Mottelib A.A.
Institution: Assiut University
Department: College of Vet. Med Department of Animal Medicine
Country: Egypt
El Salvador Luis Tolentino
Surname and firstname: Tolentino Luis
Institution: Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganaderia
Department: Direction General de Sanidad Vegetal y Animal
Country: El Salvador
Estonia David Arney
Surname and firstname: Arney David
Country: Estonia
Ethiopia Fisseha-Kassahun Kabede
Finland Suvi Taponen
Surname and firstname: Taponen Suvi
Institution: University Of ZOO
Department: Dep. of Clin. Vet. Sci./animal Hygiene
Country: Finland
France Christelle Fablet
Surname and firstname: FABLET Christelle
Country: France
Germany Uwe Rösler
Surname and firstname: Roesler Uwe H.; Prof. Dr., Dipl. ECPHM
Institution: Inst. of Animal Hygiene and Environmental Health,
Department: Free University Berlin, Dept. of Vet. Medicine
Homepage of Institution: http://www.vetmed.fu-berlin.de/en/
Tel: +49 30 2093 6324
Fax: +49 30 20936323
Personal homepage: www.prototheca.com
Street: Philippstr. 13
ZIP: 10115
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Profile Specialities: Veterinary Medicine, Animal Hygiene, Air Hygiene, Disease Prevention, Housing Emissions and Environment
Keywords: Pig, Salmonella, Yersinia, Prototheca, MRSA, ESBL
Greece Xylouri-Fragkiadaki Eftychia
Surname and firstname: Eftychia Xylouri-Fragkiadaki
Institution: Faculty of Animal Science, Agricultural University
Street: Iera Odos 75
ZIP: 118 55
City: Athens
Country: GREECE
Hungary Peter Kovács
Surname and firstname: Kovacs Peter
Institution: Szent Istvan University
Department: Department of Animal Hygiene, Herd Health and Vete
Homepage of Institution: www.univet.hu
Street: Istvqn u. 2.
ZIP: 1078
City: Budapest
Country: Hungary
Typical publications: The list of publication is under construction
India R.S. Chauhan
Surname and firstname: Chauhan R. S.
Country: India
Indonesia I. Wayan Teguh Wibawan
Surname and firstname: Wibawan I. Wayan Teguh
Country: Indonesia
Iraq Dhyaa Mohammed Taher
Surname and firstname: TAHER Dhyaa Mohammed
Country: Iraq
Ireland Paul Whyte
Surname and firstname: Whyte Paul
Country: Ireland
Israel Ephraïm Maltz
Surname and firstname: Maltz Ephraïm
Country: Israel
Italy Aldo Rizzuti
Surname and firstname: RIZZUTI Aldo
Country: ITALY
Japan Hajine Nagahata
Surname and firstname: Hajine Nagahata
Country: Japan
Latvia Iveta Kociņa
Lithuania Bronius Bakutis
Surname and firstname: Bakutis Bronius
Institution: Lithuanian Vet. Academy
Department: Department of Animal Hygiene
Street: Tilzes 18
ZIP: 47181
City: Kaunas
Country: Lithuania
Mexico Gustavo Ruiz-Lang
Surname and firstname: Ruiz-Lang Gustavo
Institution: Univ. Autonoma Metr. Xochimilco
Department: Dept Prod. Agricole y Animal
Street: Vam, Xochimilco
ZIP: CP 04960
Country: Mexico
Nigeria G.M.A. Ogunnoiki
Surname and firstname: Ogunnoiki G.M.A.
Institution: Federal Ministry of Agriculture
Department: Federal Department of Fisheries
Tel: 2348033599666
ZIP: P.M.B 1252
City: Victoria Island, LAGOS
Country: Nigeria
Profile Specialities: Internal medicine of livestock and fish health.
Profile Generalities: Laboratories technology especially that of aquatic animals.
Keywords: medicine, veterinary, health, aquatic, internal, laboratory, livestock
Typical publications: Owoigbe G.A .Incidence of Skin Diseases (Dermatoses at Bodija Cattle market, Nigeria. 1991, (Dissertation).
Owoigbe, G.A.M. 1992. Livestock Production in Adamawa State and viability of Livestock Production on Ganye Chabbal (plateau) - Its Antecedent. NYSC Project for State Award, Adamawa State. 91 pages.
Strutz, C., Abubakar, A., Arowolo, S.A., Owoigbe, G. 1993. Credi r Investments In Integrated Tree-Crop Livestok Production - A computer - Assisted Programme for Extensionists. Small Ruminant/ Alley Farming Systems in West Africa, Ibadan Nigeria, 24 pages.
Michna, A., Bartko, P., Bires, J., Huska, M. and Owoigbe, G.A. 1994. Acid base profile in calves with bronchopneumonia before and after therapy of micotil. Aspects ofHealth and Economy in calf keeping. Poceedings of the 45th Anniversary of University of Veterinary Medicine, Kosice, Slovak Rep. Dec 127-134.
Owgbe, G.A., Bartko, P., Vajda, V., Pilipcinec, E. 1997. Fermented Broiler Litter- Its Composition and Nutritional Use. Folia Verinarinana, 41, 37-40.
Bartko, P., Reichel, P., Michna, A., Owoigbe G.A. 1995. Experimentally induced Metabolic Acidosis and its effect on Blood and Mucosal acid base parameters in calves. Derweiderkaver und seine problem. Fortbildungstagung der II. Medizinisxchen Universitats - Klinik fur klaventione de Veterinarmedizinischen Universitats Wien. 28 und 29 September, 51-52.
Bartko, P., Huska, M., Levkut, M., Revajova, V., Levkutova M. and Owoigbe G.A. 1997. Application of Lactobacilus Reuteri and E. coli and immune response in pigs. ISAH, Helsinki, Finland, Augus17-21, 230-233.
Owoigbe, G.A. Bartko, P., Mudronn, P., Nagy, O., Vajda, V., Paulikova, I., Link, R. 1998. Effects of the fermented Broiler Litter on the Ruminal Evironment in Bulls. Folia Veterinana, 42, 53-58.
Adedeji, O. and Owoigbe-Ogunnoiki, G.A.M. 2005. Factors affecting catfish Production and its Public Health Implicationin South Western Nigeria. ISAH, Warsaw, Poland, Sept 4-8. 427-430.
Norway Erik Georg Granquist
Surname and firstname: GRANQUIST Erik Georg
Country: Norway
Philippines Rollie Encarnacion
Surname and firstname: ENCARNACION Rollie
Country: Philippines
Poland Zbigniew Paluszak
Surname and firstname: PALUSZAK Zbigniew
Country: POLAND
Portugal Fernando Boinas
Romania Mihai Decun
Surname and firstname: Decun Mihai
Institution: Facultatea De Medicina Veterinara
Department: Facultatea De Medicina Veterinara
Country: Romania
Russia Igor Zhircov
Surname and firstname: Zhircov Igor
Country: Russia
Senegal (+ Mali) El Hadji Fallou Guèye
Surname and firstname: Gueye El Hadji Fallou
Country: Senegal
Slovakia Jan Venglovsky
Surname and firstname: Venglovsky Jan
Institution: University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy
Department: Department of Ecology, Veterinary Legislation and
Homepage of Institution: www.uvlf.sk
Tel: + 421 911 141 158
Personal homepage: www.ramiran.net
Street: Komenskeho 73
ZIP: 041 81
City: Kosice
Country: Slovak Republic
Profile Specialities Livestock and environment interactions Waste Managment Animal Waste and Biosolid Hygienisation Microbial ecology
Profile Generalities: The present research: Hygienization of wastes Surviving of microorganisms
Keywords: animal hygiene, animal wastes,wastewater treatment plants, environment, survival, pathogens, bioclima,
Typical publications: Venglovsky, J., Sasakova, N., Placha, I.: 2009 Pathogens and antibiotic residues in animal manures and hygienic and ecological risks related to subsequent land application, Bioresource Technology, Article in Press
Placha, I., Venglovsky, J., Makova;, Z., Martinez, J. 2008 The elimination of Salmonella typhimurium in sewage sludge by aerobic mesophilic stabilization and lime hydrated stabilization, Bioresource Technology 99 (10), pp. 4269-4274
Papajova;, I., Juris;, P., Szabova;, E., Venglovsky;, J., Sasakova, N., Sefcikova, H., Martinez, J., Gabon;, T. 2008: Decontamination by anaerobic stabilisation of the environment contaminated with enteronematode eggs Toxocara canis and Ascaris suum, Bioresource Technology 99 (11), pp. 4966-4971
Kaskova, A., Ondrasovicova, O., Vargova, M., Ondrasovic, M., Venglovsky, J. 2007: Application of peracetic acid and quarternary ammonium disinfectants as a part of sanitary treatment in a poultry house and poultry processing plant Zoonoses and Public Health 54 (3-4), pp. 125-130
Jan Venglovsky, Jose Martinez, and Iveta Placha: Hygienic and ecological risks connected with utilization of animal manures and biosolids in agriculture. Livestock Science, Volume 102, Issue 3 , July 2006, Pages 197-203
Placha, I., Venglovsky, J., Makova, Z., Martinez, J.: The elimination of Salmonella typhimurium in sewage sludge by aerobic mesophilic stabilization and lime hydrated stabilization 2008 Bioresource Technology 99 (10), pp. 4269-4274 Papajova, I., Juris, P., Szabova, E., Venglovsky, J., Sasakova, N., Sefcikova, H., Martinez, J., Gabon, T.: Decontamination by anaerobic stabilisation of the environment contaminated with enteronematode eggs Toxocara canis and Ascaris suum 2008 Bioresource Technology 99 (11), pp. 4966-4971 Placha, I., Venglovsky, J., Makova;, Z., Martinez, J. 2008
The elimination of Salmonella typhimurium in sewage sludge by aerobic mesophilic stabilization and lime hydrated stabilization, Bioresource Technology 99 (10), pp. 4269-4274
Papajova;, I., Juris;, P., Szabova;, E., Venglovsky;, J., Sasakova, N., Sefcikova, H., Martinez, J., Ga;bon;, T. 2008: Decontamination by anaerobic stabilisation of the environment contaminated with enteronematode eggs Toxocara canis and Ascaris suum
Bioresource Technology 99 (11), pp. 4966-4971 Kaskova, A., Ondrasovicova, O., Vargova, M., Ondrasovic, M., Venglovsky, J. 2007: Application of peracetic acid and quarternary ammonium disinfectants as a part of sanitary treatment in a poultry house and poultry processing plant Zoonoses and Public Health 54 (3-4), pp. 125-130
Venglovsky, J., Martinez, J., Placha, I.: Hygienic and ecological risks connected with utilization of animal manures and biosolids in agriculture Livestock Science (2006) 102 (3), pp. 197-203
Venglovsky, J., Sasakova?, N., Vargova?, M., Paeajova?, Z., Placha?, I., Petrovsky, M., Harichova?, D.: Evolution of temperature and chemical parameters during composting of pig slurry solid fraction amended with natural zeolite. Bioresource Technology Bioresource Technology 2005, 96 (2), pp. 181-189
Placha?, I., Venglovsky, J., Sasa?kova?, N., Svoboda, I. F.: The effect of summer and winter seasons on the survival of Salmonella typhimurium and indicator micro-organisms during the storage of solid fraction of pig slurry . J of Appl. Microb. Vol. 91, 6, 2001: 1036-1044 Venglovsky, J., Greserova?, G. (Eds.): Proceedings of the 10th international conference of the FAO ESCORENA Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture Network (RAMIRAN), Strbske Pleso, High Tatras, Slovak Republic, May 14 - 18, 2002, ISBN 80-88985-68-4,. 514 p.
Placha?, I., Venglovsky, J., Lasanda, V., Plachy, P.: Survival of Salmonella typhimurium in the solid fraction from pig fram waste water treatment plant. Vet.Med.Czech, 42, 1997, 133-137. Placha, P., Juris, P., Placha, I., Venglovsky, J.: Use of hydrated lime for disinfection of model pathogens Salmonella typhimurium and Ascaris suum in sewage sludges. Vet. Med. , 41, 1996: 255-259 Venglovsky J, Juris P, Sokol J.: Study of the efficacy of sewage treatment systems for fluid waste on pig farms in Slovakia,Vet Med (Praha) 1994 39:11 677-86 Juris P, Plachy P, Dubinsky P, Venglovsky J, Toth F.: The effect of experimental aerobic stabilization of swine slurry on survival of Salmonella typhimurium and Ascaris suum,Vet Med (Praha) 1993 38:9 553-8 Juris P, Breza M, Schmidtova D, Venglovsky J.: Dissemination and survival of endoparasite embryos in the environment Vet Med (Praha) 1991 Nov 36:11 665-72 Rosocha J, Garaj O, Vargova M, Ondrasovic M, Venglovsky J.: Hygienic problems of slaughterhouse wastewaters Zentralbl Bakteriol [B] 1980 Mar 170:3-4 337-341
Membership of professional bodies:
International Society for Animal Hygiene (ISAH), Member of Executive Board, Country Representative Since 1994; Coordinator of the Working Group Information Technology of the RAMIRAN Network
Slovenia Štefan Pintarič
Surname and firstname: Pintaric Stefan
Institution: University of Ljubljana Veterinary faculty
Department: Institute for Environmental and Animal Hygiene
Tel: ++38641811391
Street: Gerbiceva 60
ZIP: 1000
City: Ljubljana
Country: Slovenia
Spain Alberto Allepuz
Surname and firstname: Allepuz Alberto
Institution: CReSA
Department: Epidemiology
Homepage of Institution: www.cresa.es
Tel: +34935814557
Fax: +34935814490
Street: Campus de Bellaterra
ZIP: 08193
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Profile Generalities: Epidemiology.
Sweden Jan Hultgren
Surname and firstname: HULTGREN Jan
Country: SWEDEN
Switzerland Gertraud Schuepbach
Surname and firstname: SCHUEPBACH Gertraub
Country: Switzerland
Syria Darem Tabbaa
Surname and firstname: Tabbaa Darem
Institution: Faculty of veterinary Medicine
Department: Research Laboratory and Postgr. Studies
City: HAMA
Country: Syria
Profile Specialities: pHD in animal Hygiene in tropics and sub-tropics from Germany
pHD in Microbiology and public health from Germany
Profile Generalities: Professor for animal hygiene and public health; Dean of the faculty of veterinary medicine; consultant at the mediterranean zoonoses control center of the world health organization- Athens - Greece; Director of animal protection projet (spana) in Syria
Keywords: Tabbaa,Syria, Hama, vet. med. animal hygiene
Typical publications: 5 books and more than 50 publications and hundred articles
Tanzania Zodiac Lyimo
Surname and firstname: Lyimo Zodiac
Institution: Tanga Dairy Trust
Department: LIVESTOCK
Tel: 255-27-2643568
Fax: 255-27-2643934
Country: Tanzania
Thailand Sujate Chaunchom
Surname and firstname: CHAUNCHOM Sujate
Country: Thainland
The Netherlands Peter Groot Koerkamp
Surname and firstname: KOERKAMP Peter Groot
Country: The Netherlands
Tunisia Yosra Ressaissi
Surname and firstname: Ressaissi Yosra
Country: Tunisia
Ukraine Ihor Dvylyuk
Surname and firstname: Ihor Dvylyuk
Country: Ukraine
United Kingdom Alex Morrow
Surname and firstname: Morrow Alex
Country: UK
Uruguay Stella Huertas
Surname and firstname: Huertas Stella
Institution: Facultad de Veterinaria
City: Lasplaces 1620, CP 11600, Montevideo-Uruguay
Country: Uruguay
U.S.A Pascal Oltenacu
Surname and firstname: OLTENACU Pascal
Country: U.S.A.